Home Brewing Competition Awards:

11/14/2021LIBMEChristopher CerneySpice, Herb & Vegetable BeerJalapeno Saison3rd
11/14/2021LIBMEChristopher CerneyAmerican PorterRapidly Vanishing American Porter3rd
11/14/2021LIBMEDonald Horning, Brian Bennett & Kevin McKenna Fruit BeerKicked by a Kriek3rd Best of Show
11/14/2021LIBMEGillian Candellaria & Christopher CerneyExperimental BeerAlotta Horchata1st
11/14/2021LIBME Justin Hansen, Gregg Kelley, Mark Williams and Kevin McKennaBaltic PorterAssLIHC Baltic Porter1st
11/14/2021LIBMEKevin McKennaAmerican IPABa Ba da Shoobie do Wah3rd
8/7/2021Tri-Club Mead ChallengeJohn DiSpiritoSpecialty MeadMeadijito1st Place
7/21/2021Club CompetitionBrian CaputoImperial StoutImperial Stout2nd
7/21/2021Club CompetitionChristopher ParrinelloBarrel-Aged Imperial StoutBarrel-Aged Imperial Stout1st
7/21/2021Club CompetitionDanielle & Russell Malone with Michael GallagherSpiced MeadMead with Maple Syrup3rd
7/21/2021Club CompetitionJohn DiSpiritoSpiced CiderCider w/ Ginger1st
5/23/2021B.E.E.RChristopher CerneyBelgian Dark Strong AleMaximum Risk2nd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RChristopher Cerney & Kevin McKennaBelgian SaisonSpin that 452nd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RIan Lipner & Joshua KaminsAmerican LagerSummer Lager2nd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoIrish Red AleGobs and Gobshite1st
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoMunich HellesWhat the Helles1st
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn SmithAmerican StoutA Rogue By Any Other Name1st
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn SmithAmerican StoutA Rogue By Any Other Name1st Best of Show
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn SmithBrown Ale w/ Chai SpicesFireside Chai3rd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RJohn SmithWee HeavyNoonan's Wee Heavy3rd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RKevin McKennaRoggenbier1st Runner Up is not 4th Place2nd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RKevin McKennaAmerican IPABrook Trout Stout3rd
5/23/2021B.E.E.RKevin McKenna & Christopher CerneyBelgian SaisonAudrey1st
3/21/2021Club CompetitionBrian & Nancy CaputoAmerican BarleywineStrong Nan Barleywine3rd
3/21/2021Club CompetitionJohn DiSpiritoTrappist SingleThe Lower Yeast SideHM
3/14/2021Homebrew AlleyChristopher CerneyBelgian DubbelBelgian Dubbel3rd
3/14/2021Homebrew AlleyJohn DiSpiritoBritish, Scottish & Irish BeerBritish, Scottish & Irish Beer3rd
3/14/2021Homebrew AlleyKevin McKennaBelgian DubbelBelgian Dubbel1st
3/14/2021Homebrew AlleyKevin McKennaBelgian DubbelBelgian Dubbel2nd Best of Show
12/24/2020Last Brewer StandingChristopher CerneyRoggenbierRoggenbier1st
12/20/2020Club CompetitionDanielle & Russell MaloneMeadBeeeezzzz a Bud2nd
12/20/2020Club CompetitionGillian Candellaria & Christopher CerneyExperimental BeerAlotta Horchata2nd
12/20/2020Club CompetitionJessica & Tom BeeCiderYou're Fired1st
12/20/2020Club CompetitionKevin McKennaAmerican Pale AleSummer Nights3rd
12/20/2020Club CompetitionKevin McKennaAmerican Pale AleSummer Nights3rd
11/7/2020LIBMEBrendan Byrne1st
11/7/2020LIBMEBrendan Byrne2nd Best of Show
11/7/2020LIBMEBrian Caputo3rd
11/7/2020LIBMEChristopher Cerney1st
11/7/2020LIBMEChristopher Parrinello2nd
11/7/2020LIBMEEric Sowa3rd
11/7/2020LIBMEJohn DiSpirito2nd
11/7/2020LIBMEKevin McKenna1st
11/7/2020LIBMEKevin McKenna3rd
9/22/2020Club CompetitionChristopher CerneyImperial StoutBlack Swallowtail Imperial Stout3rd
9/22/2020Club CompetitionChristopher ParrinelloImperial Stout Aged in Rye Whiskey BarrelThe Abyss1st
9/22/2020Valkyrie's HormTom WeberSpecialty MeadYumm!1st Best of Show
6/24/2020Club CompetitionBrian RichardsWee HeavyThe Thing That Should Not Be1st
6/24/2020Club CompetitionEric SowaExperimental BeerBrown Ale with Peanut Butter and Chocolate2nd
6/24/2020Club CompetitionJessica & Tom BeeSpecialty IPA | NEIPACourthouse Marriage3rd
3/15/2020Hudson ValleyJohn DiSpiritoTrappist SingleMonk's Crunk3rd
3/15/2020Hudson ValleyJohn DiSpiritoSpice, Herb, VegetableRed is the New Blonde2nd
2/9/2020Homebrew AlleyChristopher Parrinello1st
2/9/2020Homebrew AlleyJohn DiSpirito1st
2/9/2020Homebrew AlleyTom Weber1st
2/5/2020Domras CupTom WeberBerry MeadYumm!1st
2/5/2020Domras CupTom WeberMead2nd
12/18/19Club CompetitionChristopher ParrinelloBelgian AleWitbier2nd
12/18/19Last Brewer StandingJohn DiSpirito2nd
12/18/19Last Brewer StandingMichael Gallagher1st
12/18/19Last Brewer StandingNeil Grimaldi3rd
12/18/19Club CompetitionTom WeberAmerican Amber AleAmerican Amber Ale3rd
11/3/19LIBMEBernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezBurton AleBeetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! 3rd
11/3/19LIBMEBernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezWheatwineWhine Down Low1st
11/3/19LIBMEBrian CaputoSpecialty IPAWhite IPA1st
11/3/19LIBMEBrian CaputoSpecialty IPAWhite IPA2nd Best of Show
11/3/19LIBMEChristopher BonacorsaKolschTwo Bee or Not Two Bee3rd
11/3/19LIBMEEric SowaSpecialty Wood-AgedDreaming TreeHM
11/3/19LIBMEEric SowaExperimental BeerIt's Peanut Butter Jelly Time2nd
11/3/19LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoSpice, Herb, Vegetable BeerTomatose Gose1st
11/3/19LIBMEKevin McKennaAmerican PorterLate Night Waves2nd
11/3/19LIBMEMike MurphySpecialty Wood-AgedBarrels of Fun2nd
11/3/19LIBMEMike MurphyTrappist AleMonk Juice2nd
11/3/19LIBMEMike MurphyImperial StoutMorning Joe2nd
11/3/19LIBMEMike MurphySpecialty Wood-AgedTop O' the Morning1st
11/3/19LIBMEMike MurphyExperimental BeerBilly Beer1st
11/3/19LIBMETom WeberCider w/ Herbs and SpicesAutumn Nights3rd
11/3/19LIBMETom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting Drink1st
11/3/19LIBMETom WeberCider w/ Herbs and SpicesAutumn Nights3rd Best of Show Cider
11/3/19LIBMETom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting Drink1st Best of Show Cider
11/2/19Brew for a CureAlexander LempGrafNot Your GF Cider3rd
11/2/19Brew for a CureKen DaltonStrong BitterMr. WonderfulHM
10/19/19NERHCChristopher ParrinelloSour BeerAmerican Wild Ale1st
8/3/19Long Island Mead FestivalDanielle & Russell MaloneSpecialty MeadDon't Poke the Doughboy | Cinnamon Roll Inspired Mead1st
7/20/19Big Brew Day | GSB GABF Pro-AmEric SowaStandard American BeerCream Ale2nd
7/20/19Big Brew Day | GSB GABF Pro-AmMichael GallagherGerman Wheat BeerDeep Dark Dunkel (Triple D's) Dunkelwieiss1st
06/01/19NHC FINALSJohn DiSpiritoBrown British BeerDark Mild2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.RChristopher Bonacorsa1st
5/11/19B.E.E.RChristopher Bonacorsa3rd Best of Show
5/11/19B.E.E.RDanielle & Russell Malone1st
5/11/19B.E.E.REric Sowa2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.REric Sowa2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.REric Sowa1st
5/11/19B.E.E.RJohn Smith2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.RKevin McKenna1st
5/11/19B.E.E.RMike Murphy1st
5/11/19B.E.E.RMike Murphy2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.RMike Murphy2nd
5/11/19B.E.E.RMike Murphy3rd
3/10/19Hudson ValleyJohn DiSpiritoLight HybridsKolsch3rd
3/10/19Hudson ValleyKevin McKennaScottish & Irish BeerScotch Ale2nd
03/01/19NHC NYC Round 1Christopher BonacorsaAmber European BeerKellerbier1st
03/01/19NHC NYC Round 1John DiSpiritoBrown British BeerDark Mild3rd
03/01/19NHC NYC Round 1Mike Murphy, Ken Dalton & Kris ElmoreSpiced BeerIron Brewer Spiced Beer3rd
03/01/19NHC NYC Round 1Mike PlanteAmber & Brown American AleCalifornia Common1st
2/9/19Homebrew AlleyJohn DiSpirito1st
2/9/19Homebrew AlleyJohn DiSpirito1st
2/9/19Homebrew AlleyJohn Smith2nd
2/9/19Homebrew AlleyPeter Tripp3rd
12/19/18Club CompetitionBrenden ByrneStoutStout1st
12/19/18Last Brewer StandingChristopher CerneyScottish AleScottish Heavy2nd
12/19/18Club CompetitionEric SowaBrown AleBrown Ale3rd
12/19/18Last Brewer StandingKevin McKennaScottish AleScottish Heavy1st
12/19/18Last Brewer StandingMichael GallagherScottish AleScottish Heavy3rd
12/19/18Last Brewer StandingMike PlanteScottish AleScottish Heavy4th
11/10/18LIBMEJohn DiSpirito3rd
11/10/18LIBMEJohn DiSpirito2nd
11/10/18LIBMEJohn DiSpirito1st
11/10/18LIBMEMike PlanteAmber & Brown American BeerCalifornia Common3rd
11/10/18LIBMETom Weber1st
09/08/20182nd Annual Manhattan CupGregg KelleyFruit MeadMango Mead2nd
09/08/20182nd Annual Manhattan CupJoey KuchinskasPorters/StoutsPorters/Stouts2nd
09/08/20182nd Annual Manhattan CupMike MurphyAmerican Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale1st
09/08/20182nd Annual Manhattan CupMike MurphyAmber/BrownAmber/Brown3rd
09/08/182nd Annual Manhattan CupJohn DiSpiritoCream AleCream Ale3rd
7/18/18Club CompetitionChristopher ParrinelloBelgian AleWitbier2nd
7/18/18Club CompetitionTom WeberStandard American BeerCream AleHM
06/30/18NHC FINALSAlexander LempGerman Wheat BeerRoggenbier1st
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Eric GrimmSour AleGolden Sour2nd
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Gregg & Jenn KelleyMead & CiderBobbling For Trouble 2.03rd
05/12/18B.E.E.RGregg KelleyEnglish Brown AleBrown Town 3.0HM Best of Show
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Gregg KelleyEnglish BrownBrown Town 3.01st
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Gregg Kelley & Chris DolanEnglish BrownNhc EsbHM
05/12/18B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoTrappist SingleLawnmower Monk3rd
05/12/18B.E.E.R.John TrowbridgeAmerican IPAAlmost Summer3rd
05/12/18B.E.E.R. Justin HansenBelgian TripelBelgian Tripel1st
05/12/18B.E.E.RJustin Hansen & Mark WilliamsImperial StoutEvent HorizonPete Algerio Memorial Cup (Best Stout)
05/12/18B.E.E.RJustin Hansen & Mark WilliamsImperial StoutEvent Horizon1st
05/12/18B.E.E.RJustin Hansen & Mark WilliamsKolschJamesport Kolsch3rd
05/12/18B.E.E.RMark Williams & Justin HansenWheat BeerLich King1st
05/12/18B.E.E.RMark Williams & Justin HansenLichtenhainerLich King2nd Best of Show
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Nick CimorelliFruit, Spice, Herb or VegetableCoffee Choco Cocoa Stout3rd
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Peter TrippMead & CiderMason's Apple Juice2nd
05/12/18B.E.E.R.Ryan BraswellAmerican PorterTwenty Seven3rd
5/5/2018GSB - 'Big Brew Day' - Pro-Am QualifierBernard RamchatesinghHibiscus GosePon de FLor1st (GABF Pro-Am Qualifier w/ Great South Bay Brewery)
03/20/18Club CompetitionJohn SmithEnglish BrownEnglish Brown1st (GABF Pro-Am Qualifier w/ 1940's Brewery)
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualBernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezSaisonJ.C. Van Johnson3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualJohn DiSpiritoLight HybridKolsch-Ish3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualJohn DiSpiritoEuro Pale LagerSomewhere In Germany3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualKen HeissAmerican PaleEveryday Pale Ale2nd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualKen HeissAmerican Amber & BrownUpside Brown2nd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualMichael MurphyBelgian StrongBelgian Dubbel2nd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualPeter TrippCiderMason's Apple Juice1st
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualPeter TrippCiderExcelsior Strong Black Cherry Cider3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualPeter TrippSpecialty BeerSwedish Fish Blonde2nd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualSal LoPintoScottish & IrishAunt Nessie's Scottish Ale Export3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualSal LoPintoAmerican PaleZach's Pale Ale3rd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualTom WeberCiderDay Dreamer2nd
03/04/18Hudson Valley Homebrewers 28th AnnualTom WeberCiderDay Dreamer2nd Best of Show, Cider
03/01/18NHC NYC RoundAlexander LempGerman Wheat BeerRoggenbier2nd
03/01/18NHC NYC Round 1Bernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezAmerican IPAWest Coast IPA2nd
03/01/18NHC NYC Round 1Christopher BonacorsaAmber & Brown American AleAmerican Amber Ale2nd
03/01/18NHC NYC Round 1Mike MurphyImperial StoutImperial Stout1st
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIBrian Bennett & Donald HorningDark BritishThe Situation Room Milk Stout3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIGregg KelleyBritish Bitter, Pale Commonwealth & Brown British Brown Town (Stormy Edition)1st
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIJohn DiSpiritoBelgian & TrappistWitless Witness3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIKen HeissPale American AleEveryday Pale Ale3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIKen HeissAmber and Brown American AleUpside Brown2nd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIMark Williams & Justin HansenAmerican Wild AleBurning Violet Beauregard3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIMichael MurphySpiced BeerImperial Coffee Stout.3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIMichael MurphyScottish & IrishScottish ExportHM
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIPeter TrippStandard CiderMason's Apple Juice1st
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIIPeter TrippCiderMason's Apple Juice1st Best of Show, Cider
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIITom WeberHistorical, Alternative & SpecialtyCrockett"S Common3rd
02/09/18Homebrew Alley XIITom WeberSpecialty CiderJeepers CreepersHM
10/29/17Queens ChallengeBernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezCream AleBeerly Beer1st
10/29/17Queens ChallengeBernard Ramchatesingh & Claudia ChavezSpice/Herb/VegetablePumpkin Spiced Latte Stout3rd
10/29/17Queens ChallengeBrian BennettSpice/Herb/VegetableSpice/Herb/Vegetable2nd
10/29/17Queens ChallengeChris BonacorsaSour AlesBerliner Weiss1st
10/29/17Queens ChallengeChris ParrinelloAmerican AleAmerican Pale Ale1st
10/29/17Queens ChallengeChris ParrinelloAmerican AleAmerican Pale Ale2nd Best of Show
10/29/17Queens ChallengeMike MurphySmoked/Wood Aged Stout1st
10/29/17Queens ChallengeSal LoPintoAmerican AleAmerican Pale Ale2nd
10/29/17Queens ChallengeSal LoPintoScottish LightScottish Light3rd
10/29/17Queens ChallengeTom BeachAmerican AleAmerican Pale Ale3rd
09/16/2017Manhattan CupGregg Kelley
09/16/2017Manhattan CupJohn DiSpirito1st
09/16/2017Manhattan CupJohn DiSpirito1st Manhattan Cup - Best of Show (Yonkers Brewing)
09/16/2017Manhattan CupMichael Murphy
09/16/2017Manhattan CupPeter Tripp
09/16/2017Manhattan CupTom Beach
09/16/2017Manhattan CupTom Weber
7/10/2017GSB - 'Big Brew Day' - Pro-Am QualifierDanielle Malone, Russell Malone, AJ D'Amico, Joe D'AmicoSaisonUptown Funk1st (GABF Pro-Am Qualifier w/ Great South Bay Brewery)
5/13/2017B.E.E.RChristopher BonacorsaSweet StoutThe SweetnessPete Algerio Memorial Cup (Best Stout)
5/13/2017B.E.E.RChristopher BonacorsaSweet StoutThe Sweetness1st
5/13/2017B.E.E.RJohn DispiritoSpecialty IPALunatic Fringe3rd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RKen DaltonSpecialty Wood-Aged BeerBarrelRoll2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RKen DaltonSpecialty Wood-Aged BeerClan MacCleod3rd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RMichael MurphyWinter Seasonal BeerHoliday Porter1st
5/13/2017B.E.E.RMichael MurphyAutumn Seasonal BeerPumpkin Ale2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RMichael MurphyWinter Seasonal BeerHoliday Porter1st Best of Show
5/13/2017B.E.E.RNicholas CimorelliStrong BitterPure ESB1st
5/13/2017B.E.E.RNicholas CimorelliAmerican PorterHoney Porter2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RNicholas CimorelliAmerican Pale AleSpring Blossom Pale Ale2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RPeter TripNew World CiderMason's Apple Cider1st
5/13/2017B.E.E.RScott RungFruit BeerGrab A Tangerine Wheat2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RScott RungSaisonGingerly Saison2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RTom BeachRed IPADredd IPA2nd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RTom WeberFruit and Spice MeadChocolate Raspberry Swirl3rd
5/13/2017B.E.E.RTom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting Drink2nd
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1Andrew LubertoSpice/Specialty Mead2nd
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1Andrew LubertoSpice/Specialty Mead3rd
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1Chris BonacorsaSpecialty IPA1st
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1Eric GrimmSour Ale1st
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1John DiSpiritoStrong Belgian & Trappist Ales3rd
03/31/2017NHC NYC Round 1Tom WeberAmber/Brown American Ale2nd
03/11/17Hudson Valley Homebrewers 27th AnnualEric SowaCider with Herb/SpicesStells's Apple Pie3rd
03/11/17Hudson Valley Homebrewers 27th AnnualJohn DispiritoCider with other FruitCiderhead1st
03/11/17Hudson Valley Homebrewers 27th AnnualJohn DispiritoCider with other FruitCiderhead3rd Best of Show
03/11/17Hudson Valley Homebrewers 27th AnnualTom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting DrinkH/M
03/11/17Hudson Valley Homebrewers 27th AnnualTom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting Drink2nd
2/26/17SheBrewClaudia ChavezSpice/Herb/VegetableCocoa Stout2nd
2/16/17SheBrewClaudia ChavezFruit BeerI'm Hopped Sticky Sweet2nd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyAndrew ShumwayScupper BrauEnglish Brown Ale2nd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyChris BonacorsaKellerbierZwickelbierHM
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyChris BonacorsaSpecialty Wood-Aged BeerRIS2nd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyChris BonacorsaScottish HeavyScottish3rd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyJohn DiSpiritoStrong BitterFat Proper3rd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyPeter Tripp / John DanyiSpecialty Smoked BeerMesquite Smoked Pumpkin Porter1st
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyTom WeberKolschThe Intergalactic3rd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyTom WeberNew World CiderFizzy Lifting Drink3rd
2/11/17HomeBrew AlleyTom WeberDoppelbockWebinator2nd
11/19/16LIBMEAndrew Shumway
Co-Brewer: Sam Schuster, Greg Wright, Jason Scott, Martin Scott
Autumn Seasonal BeerTeam Marshmallow Pumpkin Ale3rd
11/19/16BREW FOR A CUREBernie RamchatesinghBlond AleBlond Roast2nd
11/19/16LIBMEChris BonacorsaMunich HellesBee-Na1st
11/19/16LIBMEChris BonacorsaCzech PaleCzech Pale Lager2nd
11/19/16LIBMEChris BonacorsaAmerican Pale AleHopBee2nd
11/19/16LIBMEChristopher CerneyAutumn Seasonal BeerSoulless Saison #21st
11/19/16LIBMEEric SowaEnglish Brown AleCorned Beef And Cabbage3rd
11/19/16LIBMEJohn DispiritoSpice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerOmerta1st
11/19/16LIBMEJohn DispiritoTrappist SingleThe Lower Yeast Side1st
11/19/16LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoBest in ShowThe Lower Yeast Side1st
11/19/16LIBMEKen DaltonSpecialty Wood-Aged BeerBourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout3rd
5/7/16B.E.E.RDaniel Lutz
Co-Brewer: Robert Lutz, Giovanni Reres
English Bitter & IPAESB1st
5/7/16B.E.E.RDaniel Lutz
Co-Brewer: Robert Lutz, Giovanni Reres
Mead & CiderCider3rd
5/7/16B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoSpecialty IPAT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
5/7/16B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoBrewer's CupT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
5/7/16B.E.E.RJohn DiSpiritoBest in ShowT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
5/7/16B.E.E.RPatrick Tulley
Co-Brewer: Mike Gavigan
Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerJitters1st
5/7/16B.E.E.RScott RungEnglish StrongMilking Turtle2nd
5/7/16B.E.E.RTom WeberInternational Beer & LagerColonel Klink’s Kolsch2nd
5/7/16B.E.E.RTom WeberMead & CiderRaspberry Dream1st
3/19/16NHC NYC Round 1John DiSpiritoIndia Pale Ale (17C)T.H.O Black Rye IPA3rd
3/16/16NHC NYC Round 1John DiSpiritoLight Hybrid Beer (6B)Baba Blonde Ale3rd
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyJason & Martin ScottFruit BeerPear Beer2nd
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyJohn DiSpiritoSpecialty Smoked BeerSasasmokie2nd
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyJohn DiSpiritoSpecialty IPAT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyKen HeissStoutAndes Chocolate Milk StoutH/M
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyPeter Trip & Robert ClarkExperimental MeadOak Aged Sweet Mead2nd
2/13/16HomeBrew AlleyTim SchillingInternational Amber LagerD-Bomb2nd
11/21/15LIBMEEric SowaCiderStella’s Apple Pie1st
11/21/15LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoSpecialty AleT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
11/21/15LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoBest in ShowT.H.O Black Rye IPA1st
11/21/15LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoBritish Pale AleMaris the Bitter Otter1st
11/21/15LIBMEJohn DiSpiritoSecond Best in ShowMaris the Bitter Otter2nd
11/21/15LIBMETim SchillingStrong AleRing of Fire1st
11/21/15LIBMETim ShillingSour AleBerliner Weisse1st
05/09/15B.E.E.RCarl GeigerClassic American PilsnerRapunzel1st

Nassau County Homebrew & Craft Beer Club