Festival FAQ

Do I need to be a Paid Charter Member to pour at a festival?
Yes, you need have purchased a single or family HHCBC membership, or active year Tri-Club Association of Long Island Homebrew Club Membership, before signing up for the festival.

Does my Co-Brewer need to be a Paid Charter member?

How can I pay membership dues?
Contact hhcbc.info@gmail.com for details or use the direct link on the Membership tab.

How many festivals do the club pour at?
We typically pour at 10-12 festivals a year.

What do I need to bring to the festival.
Please bring a valid issued 21+ photo ID. Brewers and Co-Brewers who do not have their ID will not be admitted to the event.

Do I need to Purchase Tickets?
You do not need a ticket if you or your co-brewer are pouring at the event.

What type of Keg should I bring to the festival?
5 gallon Ball Lock Keg. We can also accommodate 1 Pin Lock Keg.

Should my Keg be labeled?
Yes, please make sure your name, beer are labeled on the keg.

Can I pour from bottles at a festival?
Not at this time.

How many beers can be poured at a festival?
8 per session

Can I brew for more than one session?
Yes, as long as there is room.

Do I need to be at the festival for Setup/Breakdown?

    • If there is only one session you must be there for breakdown and setup.


  • If the festival has two sessions and you are pouring in session 1, you have to be there to help set up, you can leave any time after the session is over (or stay if you like). If you are pouring in Session 2 people don’t have to show up until just before the second session starts, but they must stay though breakdown and load out (you are more than welcome to attend session 1). Session 2 brewers need to make arrangements with someone from session 1 to have them bring their kegs in the morning.

Can I bring food or non-alcoholic drinks to the festival?
Yes, you can bring a small cooler with sandwiches, non-alcoholic beverages and chairs.

What if I have any other questions?
Please contact our events and marketing coordinator at events@hhcbc.org

Nassau County Homebrew & Craft Beer Club