September 2015 Meeting Notes


September 2015 Meeting Notes


Welcome to our 1st anniversary meeting!

  • Thank you to everyone who brought food!


Great Beer Festival

  • Saturday, November 7 @ Belmont Racetrack
  • Signup link:
  • Two sessions = more beer! We are looking to have 16 beers poured here, so get brewing!
  • As mentioned earlier, if you would like to brew but don’t have kegging equipment, reach out to Ken.

Effin Gruven – Dogfish Head Rarities Night (and VIP Session)

  • September 26 from 8 – 11PM, Effin Gruven will be doing their annual DFH rarities night.
  • $30 for three hours pouring at least 6 DFH beers, including rarities.
  • For the first time, they will be doing a limited ticket sale daytime VIP session from 2-5PM, pouring at least 7 beers, including some limited rarities. Attendees will get an Effin Gruven Dogfish Head pint glass.  $30.
  • We’ve got a group going to the VIP session.
  • If you have interest in the VIP session, purchase your tickets in advance. If you want to attend the night session, no need to purchase in advance.

Education – Off Flavor Class

  • We held the Off Flavor Class on Sunday, August 23 at 1PM @ H&H.
  • We will be doing another one again in a few months. The next one will be a little smaller, so we can make sure the concentrations of off-flavors are high.

BCJP Tasting Exam

  • This past Sunday, September 13, four of our members took the BCJP tasting exam.
  • Best of luck to Pete, Ken, Chris B. and Johnny.
  • We had more members taking the exam than LIBME who was the organizing club. Nice showing!

Social Brew Day

  • I’d like to see if we can schedule another social brew day before the weather turns.
  • If you’ve got interest in hosting, please reach out to Sam.

National Homebrew Conference

  • We announced this last month, but it bears repeating:
  • Next year the NHC will be held in Baltimore. June 9-11.
  • Great event, with tons of seminars & discussions. A club night, where clubs set up and pour their best beers, and just all around a lot of fun.
  • If there’s enough interest, we’ll convene a committee to coordinate having a club presence there.

LIBME Homebrew Competition

  • The website is now live to enter the LIBME Homebrew competition.
  • The competition takes place on November 21 @ GSB.
  • Entry fees are $8. H&H is a drop off location.
  • If you’re interested in judging or stewarding, you can sign up on the website too.
  • We’d love to have a great showing from the club. And the award ceremony will happen that afternoon, so you can go down and have some GSB beer while you’re waiting for the results.

Club positions

  • We’re going to have a couple of new officer positions formed and are looking for some volunteers.
  • Membership coordinator – responsible for maintaining the membership logs, collecting dues (once we start collecting them), and getting places to participate in a member discount program.
  • Events & marketing coordinator – coordinate club events and work with membership on club themed merchandise.
  • Please see Sam, Pete, or Ken if you’re interested.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting we will Tuesday, October 20 at Dark Horse Tavern in Rockville Center

Thanks to Barrier!

  • We want to take a moment to thank Evan, Katie, Ann and all the great folks here at Barrier. It’s good to be back here.

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