March 2016 Meeting Notes


HHCBC March 2016 Meeting Notes

Upcoming Festivals

Spring Craft Beer Festival

  • Spring Craft Beer Festival will be at Belmont on April 2. We will have as many brewers as we can at this event.
  • Contact Eric Sowa if you have something ready and would like to pour.
  • Tickets:

Blue Point Cask Ale Festival

Bay Fest @ GSB

Social Brew Day & All Grain Clinic

Interclub Social Day

  • Sunday, May 1st we will be holding an interclub social at Great South Bay Brewery in Bayshore. All three major LI clubs (HHCBC, LIBME & BEER) will be getting together to share some beer and give everyone a chance to socialize and get to know each other better.
  • We’re also going to be brewing a large batch of beer and splitting it between the three groups for modification, adulteration, etc. and will be having that to sample, as well as other homebrew, and beer from our commercial host.
  • Noon to 4PM.

1940’s Says Thank You to HHCBC

  • Charlie from 1940’s Brewing reached out to make sure the club knows that they appreciate us. Their kickstarter was successfully funded, with a number of donations from club members.
  • They also convey their thanks to John, Scott & Brett for helping man their table at Hops & Props.

Lithology takes over ATOLI

  • Lithology has taken over A Taste of Long Island in Farmingdale, and has opened it up so there is a real tasting room.
  • Best of luck to Lithology on the new endeavor.
  • Make sure you make your way there to check it out soon.
  • They are participating in the club discount program, so bring your membership card for discounts on flights & growlers.

BEER Competition

  • Now open for entries.
  • Competition is on May 7 @ GSB.

AHA Big Brew Day

  • American Homebrewer’s Association Big Brew Day will also be on May 7.
  • The Brewer’s Collective in Bayshore has reached out to the club to host.
  • You can bring your brewing gear, set up in their front parking lot, and brew along with other homebrewers, check out TBC’s brewhouse, etc.

National Homebrew Conference

  • NHC will be held in Baltimore. June 9-11.
  • We’ve formed a committee headed up by Danielle. We are looking for more people to sit on the committee and help organize and plan the event.
  • If you’re attending, contact Danielle to join the Facebook group.

Chopped Competition

  • Details for the next Chopped Competition have been announced.
  • If you would like to be added to a team, contact Ken Dalton.

Intro to Beer Judging Class

  • Sam will be holding an introduction to Beer Judging class on Sunday, March 20 at Homebrews & Handgrenades.

Restarting the club competition

  • Good news! We are rebooting the club competition.
  • Starting with the May meeting, we will be holding regular club-only competitions. The beers will be judged by BJCP sanctioned judges, with full scoresheets returned to participants.
  • The top beers will be presented to our friends at The Brewer’s Collective. At the Collective’s option, the winning beer will be brewed on their system with the winning brewer, and that beer will be served in the Collective’s tasting room.
  • Limiting to 15 entries.
  • Entries must be dropped off by the May meeting. You can also drop off entries at Homebrews and Handgrenades.
  • Entry info:

Club Merch Update

  • Work shirts are in and available at Homebrews & Handgrenades for pickup.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting we will Tuesday, April 19 @ Effin Gruven in Bellmore. Start time will be 7:00ish.
  • Our speaker will be Katie Butler, representative from Two Roads.

Thanks to the Sheep!

  • We want to take a moment to thank Vince, Bob & everyone at Black Sheep for having us back.

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