June 2015 Meeting Notes



Bus Trip  

  • Bus trip planned for Saturday, July 25. It will be a western Suffolk trip visiting GSB, Spider Bite, Blue Point and finishing at Brickhouse Brewpub.
  • See Danielle for info and to sign up. We need to fill the bus up and collect deposits in the next couple of days or we will lose the date.  At present we have 11 spots that we need to fill or we will lose the date.

The New York Best Wings Recap

  • Sunday, June 7 was the NY Best Wings Festival.
  • We had five beers poured there.


  • Saturday June 27, Farmingville. Beers, Music.
  • There is a bus being run by Tapped Enterprises (same people who do our bus trips), stopping in Long Beach, Mass. Park, Bayshore & Patchouge. Tickets are still available.
  • http://libeerbus.com/event/beerfields

North Fork Beer Festival

Social Brew Day/All Grain Clinic

  • This past Saturday we held our first social brew day & all grain clinic.
  • Thanks to John Trowbridge for hosting. Thanks to Mat Ferguson and Gabe Tovar for bringing their brewing gear and captaining a team.

Skeeter Pee Clinic

Education – Next Class

  • The next class will be an Ingredient class focusing on hop varieties.
  • Working on the date presently. It will be on a Sunday, either late July or mid-August.

Education – Off Flavor Class

  • We have ordered the “off-flavor” kit from the Seibel Institute.
  • The class will help you identify off-flavors in beer that are a result of brewing flaws or sanitation issues. It includes twelve different types of off-flavors.
  • Once we get a better idea on timing of delivery, we will schedule a date for the class.


Chopped Competition

  • We are doing another round of the Chopped Brewing competition.
  • Existing teams will remain the same unless you want to change them.
  • If you didn’t participate last time, reach out to Ken Dalton and he will set you up.
  • Group 1 – Grapefruit, Agave – IPA
    • Ken Dalton – AJ D’Amico, Calvin Curnuck, Rob Bystricky
    • Johnny Soj – Tom Weber, Gregory Wright, Glenn Winters
    • Chris Forsberg – Brian Forsberg, Meghan Taylor, Heather Lee H, Kevin Cain
    • Mathew Ferguson – Michael John Ferruggia, John Trowbridge, Christopher Cerney, Gabe Don
  • Group 2 – Vanilla, Coconut – Cream Ale
    • Peter Tripp – Robert Clark, Lenny Lasala, Eric Sowa
    • Sam Schuster – Steve Oh, B-sh Boshnack, Mike Gavigan, Sarah
    • Eric Anderson, Johnny Hitch, Chris Bonacorsa, Pat Tulley
    • Erik Albrecht, Russ Malone, Danielle Malone, Gabe Tovar


  • There are still some T-Shirts at H&H waiting to be picked up.  If you have paid for a shirt, it’s at H&H.
  • We’ve got one shirt available, Extra Large.
  • Putting together the next order.  There are some more options:
    • The “Original” shirt (large logo on back, shield on left breast), now available in original grey or black.
    • New style (Large logo on front, large shield on back). Available in grey or black.
    • Zip up hoodies (large logo on back, shield on left breast). Available in grey or black.
  • Still need a few more orders of each to hit the minimum runs.
  • http://goo.gl/forms/vbxFHxWja2

Club Only Competition

  • We’ve concluded the judging for our first Club Only competition.
  • Before we announce the winners, we have provided the top three beers to Evan and his team at Barrier. It will be completely in their discretion which beer, if any, are brewed here and served in the tasting room.
  • We had twelve entries. Eleven of which were dropped off in time to judge.  The person who didn’t provide an entry will be put in the penalty box and not allowed to enter the next competition since they took up a slot and didn’t use it.
  • For the winners, right now all you get is bragging rights. We will be ordering ribbons, and you’ll get yours when they come in.
  • Without further delay here are the winners:
    • In Third Place, category 23A – Specialty Beer – Ken Dalton with “Tropo-Krispies”.
    • In Second Place, category 19A – Old Ale – Tim Schilling with “Ring of Fire”.
    • And in First Place, category 14B – American IPA – Johnny Soj with “Almost All Day”.
  • Congrats to our winners, and great job to everyone who entered!

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting we will Tuesday, July 21.
  • We are working on the location and will let you know shortly.

Thanks to Barrier!

  • Big thanks Evan, Katie and all the great folks here at Barrier for being our home brewery and hosting us again.

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