September 2016 Meeting Notes


HHCBC September 2016 Meeting Notes


Happy Anniversary Everyone!
• It’s our second anniversary as a club! It’s your anniversary,
• Thanks to the Black Sheep for hosting us! We love to be here, and we love that you love having us here!
• New Faces?
• Raffle

Recap – Learn to brew – all grain clinic / social brew day
• Saturday, August 20, John DiSpirito hosted a “Learn to Brew” / Social brew day at his home in East Meadow.
• There were multiple people brewing and a bunch of us there watching/helping/heckling.
• A lot of information was passed around and shared, and I know that I picked up some pointers that have already improved my process.

Recap – Brad Smith – BeerSmith Tutorial
This past Sunday Pete hosted an informative BeerSmith software tutorial featuring Brad Smith, the creator of BeerSmith, at the shop. Since I was previously disposed with my Chopped Team, I was unfortunately unable to make it, so Peter can fill you in…

Club only competition now open
• Entries are Now DUE for the Club-Only competition, open to charter members. AS of yesterday we have 7 entries for this round.
• The top beers will be submitted to The Brewer’s Collective for their review. They will select which beer (if any will be brewed on their system and sold in their tap room).
• Next round is TBD, as interest builds

Chopped Tasting/Judging next meeting at EGP Oceanside
• Style is Pumpkin beers, with each team randomly assigned a special ingredient
• Bracket style voting at the October meeting.
• Bringing the Jockey Boxes for ease of serving, thanks in advance to Eric Sowa for dragging the gear around for our benefit

4th Annual LIBME Beer and Mead Competition
Entries: Entry registration window is now open, Entry registrations accepted through 11/10/2016 at 1:59 AM, EST. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED AT A DROP OFF LOCATION BY THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12th. Drop off locations are H&H and Karp’s in Northport. This year we are excited to announce that all mead entries will count towards the East Coast Mead Maker of the Year Circuit. 250 entries. The competition will be held Saturday, November 19th, at GSB.
Volunteer judging and stewarding sign ups have already begun at our website:

LIBME Interclub Brew-Off
Leadership at LIBME has reached out to us to gauge our interest in competing in an interclub brew-off, where both clubs so-called “best brewers” will compete for bragging rights of who makes the best beer. Styles will be picked at random, judged by guest judges, and possibly hosted by Destination Unknown. This is currently in the development phase, so details have not been solidified yet, but it sounds like fun.

Upcoming Events

Fresh Hop Festival
We won’t be attending fresh hop festival this year. If you’re going to be attending on September 24th. Kristyn from Starfish Junction has provided us with a GA Discount Code.
Tickets can be purchased at Please use BEERCLUB for $10 off

Pour the Core
We have 2 open spots for Pour the Core on October 1st. If you have a beer or cider and you want to pour, please let us know.
Tickets can be purchased at Please use code HHCBC for 50% off tickets

We will be attending Punktoberfest at GSB on October 22nd. All spots are full.
Tickets can be purchased at –

Great Beer Festival
We have 5 open spots for Great Beer Festival at Belmont on November 5th.
Tickets can be purchased at

Brew for a Cure
Brewers must be signed up before October 1st.
We are attending Brew for a Cure on November 19th in Maspeth, 1-5pm. We have 8 brewers for the event, so signup for this one is closed.
Brew for a Cure T-Shirts will be made up for all the brewers with their names on them.
This event in which homebrewers and local breweries will work together to help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s’ Cancer Research Hospital.
The event is an open-style home brew competition consisting of judge’s votes, people’s choice, and more! Along with the awesome home brew there will be local breweries pouring their beer. Tickets go on Sale Saturday Sept 19th.

If you’re looking to pour for any of our HHCBC festivals, please visit to sign up or contact Eric Sowa on Facebook.

• Membership prices for 2016 have been reduced. The remainder of the year will be $15 for an individual membership, $25 for a family.
• If you’re interested in becoming a member, see Jason Scott.

Marketing Updates/Discounts, Etc.
• Jason Scott

Homebrews and Handgrenades Shop Update
• Sir Peter of Tripp

Next Meeting
• The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 18 at the EGP Oceanside, and our CHOPPED tasting/judging.

Thanks to The Black Sheep Ale House!
• We want to take a moment to thank Vince and Bob here at The Black Sheep, for having us back.
• Always good to be here, thanks to Liam and Ian for keeping our glasses filled, and take good care of them, they’re beer family!

Guest Speaker – Brad from Garvies Point Brewery
• Welcome Brad from Garvies Point Brewery!


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