Congratulations to our club winners at the 9th Annual LIBME Homebrew Competition!

Congratulations to all the medalists at LIBME’s 9th Annual Homebrew Competition!
🥉3rd Place Winners…
🍻 Jalapeno Saison – Christopher Cerney
🍻 Rapidly Vanishing American Porter – Christopher Cerney
🍻 Ba Ba da Shoobie do Wah American IPA – Kevin McKenna
🥇 1st Place Winners…
🍻 Alotta Horchata – Gillian Candelaria & Christopher Cerney
🍻 AssLIHC Baltic Porter – Justin Hansen, Gregg Kelley, Mark Williams & Kevin McKenna
🍻 Kicked By A Kriek (Fruit Beer) – Donald Horning, Brian Bennett & Kevin McKenna
🏆 3rd Best in Show…
🍻 Alotta Horchata (Cream Ale) Gillian Candelaria & Christopher Cerney
🍺 4th Best Brewer Award…
🎉 Gillian Candelaria

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