October 2017 Meeting Notes

HHCBC October 2017 Meeting Discussion Items

Welcome to Great South Bay Brewery

  • Thanks for joining us tonight.
  • Welcome to Great South Bay Brewery. Rick, Greg and the crew here at GSB have been great friends to the club.  We’re glad to be holding our first meeting here.


  • Taps & Talons – Sweetbriar Nature Center, Smithtown = What a great event. Great cause, great crowd and a lot of fun.
  • Pour the Core – Heckscher State Park
  • This past Sunday we had the Interclub Gathering at Dubco. Lots of fun.  We’re going to be scheduling more of these events.

Upcoming Events:

  • This Saturday – October 21 – Punktoberfest – We are full for brewers, but tickets are available. Come down and have a great time!
  • October 28 – Queens Homebrew Competition – http://www.brewstoria.com/queens-challenge-homebrew-competition/
  • Nov 4 – Brew for a Cure – The Well, Brooklyn – ? open spots.
  • Nov 11 – Great Beer Expo @ Nassau Coliseum – 3 open spots. Also the site of the LIBME competition.  http://libme.brewcomp.com/
    • Entries for the comp will get you discounted admission to the festival
    • Volunteering for the comp will get you free admission for the festival
  • https://www.hhcbc.org/festivals

Club-Only Competition

  • The Club-Only competition is due tonight.
  • Registration was light, so we will be scaling back the frequency of these competitions. John will be announcing the timing of the next one shortly.

Chopped Competition:

  • Fruited Saisons. Most teams probably have brewed by now, but if you’re interested in joining a team, contact Ken Dalton.
  • We will be holding the competition next meeting.

Club Casks

  • The club has procured two pin casks (5 gallon) for use at festivals and events. If you’d like to brew a cask ale for a club-event or festival, see Eric or me.
  • AJ D’Amico is using one for Punktoberfest, and Ken Dalton is using one for Brew for a Cure.


  • As per our rules, we will be holding elections in November.
  • Nominations for board positions are now open.
  • Bernie Ramchatesingh was nominated for the position of President.
  • Claudia Chavez was nominated for the Membership Coordinator position.
  • Sam Schuster was nominated for Vice President
  • A proposal was made to amend our constitution to add a board position for Education Director. The role of Education Director will be responsible for planning and coordinating the educational activities of the club. 
  • John Dispirito was nominated for the position should the amendment pass.
  • Are there any other nominations for board positions?

John Palmer Brewday

  • The Association of Long Island Homebrew Clubs (AssLIHC) and Homebrews and Handgrenades is very excited to announce the next celebrity brewday. We will be brewing with John Palmer. 
  • Since we expect demand to be strong for the event, we will be doing an online lottery. Charter members of HHCBC will be eligible to enter.  We will be choosing four participants from our club to attend.
  • The Brewday will be held on December 9 at Homebrews and Handgrenades. Time to be announced when details are firmed up.

Travel Planning

  • Chris Bonacorsa has agreed to head up the committee for planning related to HomeBrewCon this June in Portland, OR.
  • While we don’t plan on participating in club night, there are a few people who have expressed interest in going to the convention.
  • Please see Chris if you’re interested in helping plan the trip.

Thanksgiving Homebrew

  • Greg Wright is collecting homebrewed beer and cider to be provided to veterans and homeless/underprivileged families along with Thanksgiving Dinner that is being made by another organization. Contact Greg if you’re interested in providing some.  Must be bottled; no minimum.


  • John has club shirts available for purchase. $10 for charter members, $15 if you’re not.


  • See Jason Scott after the announcements to sign up or renew.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 21 @ Barrage Brewery.

Thanks to GSB!

  • We want to take a moment to thank the group here at GSB for opening up and inviting us.
  • Rick Sobotka made the transition from homebrewing to brewery operator in 2009 when he opened GSB. Greg Maisch is the Head Brewer @ GSB.
  • Greg provided a great tour to the club, spending a lot of time with us.
  • Much thanks to Rick & Greg for their generous contributions to the raffle!

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