Equipment FAQ

Do I need to be a Paid Charter Member to borrow the Club Equipment?
Yes, you need have purchased a single or family membership and be a paid charter member for 3 months within the calendar year.

How much of a Depot required to borrow the clubs equipment?
$150 dollar Cash Deposit is required.

Do I need my own Co2 Tank and Regulator?
Yes, The Co2 regulator or Co2 tank not included.

What type is the Jockey Box ?
Our  Jockey box has a 4 line cold plate, with 4 taps and 4 ball lock disconnects.

What happens if the equipment is damaged or stolen?
If there is physical damage or the equipment needs to be replaced, you may be required to pay additional money to cover parts or full replacement. 

What do I need to bring with me to borrow the club jockey box.
Please bring a copy of a valid issued 21+ photo ID.

How should I clean the Jockey before I return.
Please flush all the lines with Star San.
Please empty all ice from jockey box and dry with a towel
Optional – Taps can be removed with a faucet wrench and soaked in PBW.
Optional – Ball lock connections can be soaked on PBW
Optional – Using a empty keg blow all lines out with Co2 


Nassau County Homebrew & Craft Beer Club