May 2017 Meeting Notes

HHCBC May 2017 Meeting Notes


  • Blue Point Cask Fest – April 22, Blue Point Brewery – As always, huge success
  • Brew for Autism – April 22, Snug Harbor Great Hall, Staten Island.
    • Great crowd, great cause. Pretty sure we had the largest presence of all the homebrew clubs there.
    • Well done event that raised just shy of $20,000 for the cause.
  • Big Brew Day – Sunday May 6 @ GSB.
    • There were seven brewing groups from the club, plus two or three other groups.
    • GSB was a fantastic host, providing breakfast, lunch, beer all day, and full access to all their ingredients. Big thanks to Rick and Greg for making us feel welcome.
  • B.E.E.R homebrew competition – May 13 @ GSB. – HHCBC CRUSHED IT!
    • First, let me say that B.E.E.R. did a great job putting on the competition.
    • HHCBC continues to dominate the local competition scene. 57 awards were presented on Saturday.  17 went to HHCBC members.  Nearly 1/3 of the competition.
    • I’ve got a long list to read, so please hold the applause and cat-calls until the end – Thanks. Congratulations to:
      • Nick Cimorelli for 1st Place in German/British Beer, 2nd Place in American Ale, 2nd Place in American Porter/Stout/Strong Ale
      • Chris Bonacorsa for 1st Place in Dark/Strong British Beer
      • Tom Beach for 2nd Place in American/Specialty IPA
      • John Dispirito for 3rd Place in American/Specialty IPA
      • Scott Rung for 2nd Place in Belgian/Trappist Ales, 2nd Place in Fruit Beers
      • Ken Dalton with 2nd and 3rd Place in Wood Beers
      • Tom Weber with 3rd place in Meads, 2nd Place in Ciders
      • Pete Tripp with 1st Place in Ciders
      • Mike Murphy with 1st and 2nd Place in Spiced Beers
    • And huge congratulations to the following:
      • Chris Bonacorsa for winning the Pete Algerio Memorial Cup, which is awarded to the best stout brewed by a B.E.E.R. member (which Chris is by virtue of the inter-club membership).
      • Mike Murphy for winning the Brewer’s Cup with his Holiday Porter. Mike will brew his beer at the soon-to-be-opened Patchogue Beer Project with Mike Philbrick.
    • One final note – this was Mike’s first competition. I think he’s got it figured out….

Upcoming Events:

  • Reminder – John DiSpirito will be holding a BJCP Tasting Exam Prep Class starting on May 31 through July 26 at The Brewer’s Collective in Bay Shore. Class is full.
    • Club members that complete the class and sit for the BJCP tasting exam will be reimbursed for the Online and Tasting Exam.
  • The BJCP tasting exam will be held on August 6.
  • Bayfest – June 3 @ GSB – All spots are full. Tickets are available.
  • Tomorrow night, May 17th, is the interclub gathering and hop pickup at the Brewer’s Collective.
  • July 23rd will be the gathering for the Interclub All Chinook Hopped Competition sponsored by The Brewer’s Collective.
  • There’s a new homebrew competition just announced, the Manhattan Homebrew Cup. It takes place on September 16 at Draught 55 in NYC.  The competition website should be available soon.

LI Craft Beer week

  • This is, of course, LI Craft Beer week. Lots of craft beer events going on; too many to mention.
  • If you signed up for the rare pint glass promotion, they are now available at the location you chose.
  • Check the website for details on events:

Club-Only Competition

  • The website for the club-only competition for July is now active. One entry per charter member.  
  • Beers will be due by the July meeting and judged at some point shortly thereafter.
  • The competition will be BJCP-registered, so judges/stewards will get credit.
  • If there’s enough interest/demand, we will be doing one a month.
  • We’ve been approached by a number of local breweries to have winning beers brewed on site; we will keep you posted.

Other News:

  • Club members Barnshed Brewing is open this Saturday in Bethpage

Club social events

  • The Club BBQ will again be hosted at Eric Sowa’s home on Saturday, July 22. Save the date!

Chopped Competition

  • There were some great beers at the Cereal Killer Chopped Competition this month.
  • Congrats to Team Captain Crunch – Crunch Berries for second place, and big congratulations to Team Cocoa Puffs for winning the competition!
  • The next competition will be announced next meeting.  The style will be Fruited Saisons.

Items for Discussion

  • Bosh suggested a “Beat Dr. Beer”, along the lines of the show “Beat Bobby Flay”.
  • Participants would challenge Pete Tripp to brew a beer that the participant chooses and the two would be judged head-to-head.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 20 @ Barrier Brewing in Oceanside.

Thanks to Lithology!

  • We want to take a moment to thank everyone here at Lithology for opening and inviting us.


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