July 2017 Meeting Notes

HHCBC July 2017 Meeting Discussion Items

Welcome to Barnshed!

  • Congratulations to Bryan, who’s been an active member of the club for some time, for getting through the morass that is opening a brewery and actually getting open and making some great beer! Big round of applause!
  • And thanks for opening up on a night off to have us down!

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Festivals a bit further out – all are available to sign up on the website:

  • Sept 24 – Taps & Talons – Sweetbriar Nature Center, Smithtown
  • Sept 30 – Pour the Core – Heckscher State Park
  • Oct 21 – Punktoberfest – Great South Bay Brewery
  • Nov 4 – Brew for a Cure – The Well, Brooklyn
  • Nov 11 – Great Beer Expo – (TBD) – Formerly @ Belmont

Congrats to the pro-am selection from the Big Brew Day @ GSB:

  • Round of applause to Russ & Danielle Malone and AJ & Joe D’Amico for being selected by GSB as the entry into the GABF Pro-Am competition.
  • The saison was brewed @ GSB during Big Brew Day.


  • The BCJP exam is being held on August 6 in Port Jeff. As of today there were still seats available.

Next Chopped Competition:

  • We’ll kick off the next chopped round at the next meeting.
  • Style is Fruited Saisons
  • All who have participated in the last round will be automatically included; if you didn’t participate in the last round and want to get involved, please see Ken.
  • New teams will be selected by the next meeting, along with fruit assignments.

Rung Out Milk Stout

  • Scott Rung won an earlier club-only competition, and his beer was selected to be brewed and served at The Brewer’s Collective.
  • It’s been a while, but the beer has been brewed and is now available at TBC’s tasting room.

Club Casks

  • The club has procured two pin casks (5 gallon) for use at festivals and events. If you’d like to brew a cask ale for a club-event or festival, contact Eric or Sam.

Next style class

Open floor for questions/announcements

  • Barrier has a can release Saturday 7/22 for two beers brewed with Grimm.


  • John has club shirts available for purchase. $10 for charter members, $15 if you’re not.


  • Universal Beverage in Carle Place now offering 10% discount to charter members.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 15 @ a location to be announced.

Thanks to Barnshed!

  • Again, big thanks and congratulates to Bryan for opening up and inviting us.


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