First Annual Long Island Homebrew Festival

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues with the venue we are going to have to postpone the festival.  There will be no wort pickup on July 9 at Great South Bay Brewery.

We will be reaching out to everyone soon with details on the new date for the wort pickup and festival and hope you will still be interested in particpating.

TO REPEAT: The Homebrew Festvial is being postponed.  DO NOT GO TO GREAT SOUTH BAY BREWERY TO PICK UP WORT ON JULY 9.

Handgrenades Homebrew and Craft Beer Club, Homebrews and Handgrenades, Starfish Junction Productions, Great South Bay Brewery, Nassau County, and Old Bethpage Village Restoration are pleased to announce the First Annual Long Island Homebrew Festival will take place on August 20, 2016 at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.   The festival will have beer created by over 50 homebrewers, and Great South Bay Brewery.

More information regarding the festival including ticket purchases will be available soon.

Over 50 homebrewers will take wort (un-fermented beer) from Great South Bay Brewery and put their own spin on it.  Attendees will be able to enjoy and compare 50+ different versions of beer made from the same base recipe.

Homebrewers will pick up wort from Great South Bay Brewery in Bayshore on July 9.  Homebrewers will have a choice of hopped or unhopped wort.  Unhopped wort will have to be boiled and hop additions added by the homebrewer.  Hopped wort will be hopped and boiled, ready for yeast pitch and any dry hop or other additions the homebrewer desires.   The wort provided will be an American Pale Ale.

To sign up as a homebrewer for the festival, complete this form.

Please contact with any questions.

Nassau County Homebrew & Craft Beer Club