BJCP Tasting Class 2018

The purpose of this class is to prepare for the tasting portion of the BJCP exam.  During this class we will cover a variety of topics and beer styles connected with tasting and evaluating beer.  Please keep in mind this class will only cover subject matter related to the tasting exam. Background chemistry, style history, and topics more aligned with the written exam will not be an integral part of this class.  

The class will meet every Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:00PM, except where noted. During the class we will be trying a number of commercial beer examples but we will also be trying  home-brewed  examples.  You will be judging alongside and comparing your score sheets against other BJCP judges to mimic the format of the tasting exam.

The tasting exam will be held at <TO BE DETERMINED>.  You must pass the online exam on the BJCP website before you may sit for the exam.

The only required text for class is the BJCP style guidelines. We will be using the 2015 BJCP Style guidelines. There is an app you can download for your smartphone or download the guidelines pdf directly from, under “style guidelines”.   For guidance on the online exam please visit the BJCP website under “Exam Center”.  For technical questions you can also make use of the BJCP forum.  There are many levels of judges very eager to share any knowledge with you.

Please note, this syllabus is a work in progress, and may change before the class begins.

Class 1:  Wednesday May 30st
BJCP certification process/Evaluating Beer
German Pilsner: Category/Substyle 5D
Bohemian Pilsner: Category/Substyle 3B
Marzen: Category 6A

Class 2: Wednesday June 6th
English Pale Ales: Category 11C
Pale American Ales: Category 18B
American IPA: Category 21A

Class 3: June 13th
Off Flavor Class
Homebrew Judging (time permitting)

Class 4: June 20st
Category 15B/16B
Category 20A

Class 5: June 27th
Belgian Ale: Category 24A/25A/25B


No Class on July 4th, Don’t blow your fingers off!

Class 6: Wednesday July 11th
German Wheat: Category 10A
California Common: Category/Substyle 19B

Class 7: July 18th
Homebrew Judging and review

Class 8: July 25th
Fixing Flaws/Exam Tips
Homebrew Judging

Class 9: August 1st

Practice Exam

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