Club Work Shirt Update #1

Pricing for our club work-shirts are as follows:


Size Member Cost Non Member Cost
S 28.25 38.25
M 28.25 38.25
L 28.25 38.25
XL 28.25 38.25
2XL 32.50 42.50
3XL 32.50 42.50
4XL 36.50 46.50




Payment methods are cash, or PayPal.
Pete graciously agreed to be a collection point for the cash.
Please try to have exact change for him.

Paypal can be sent to

Please be sure you use “Send to friends and Family” as its free if you’re using your bank account.
Please include your full name as it appears in Facebook in the comments section when you pay.

Deadline for payments is March 2nd, 2016. We can expect about a one month turnaround time.

The reason for the aggressive  deadline is to hopefully get these shirts in before the Spring Craft Beer Festival on April 2nd.

Don’t worry if you miss the deadline.  We will be able to make additional smaller orders (in batches of 5 to 10) afterward.  Prices may vary on batch size however.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or msg me in the Discussion group on Facebook.



One thought on “Club Work Shirt Update #1”

  1. I believe that I purchased a work shirt, but never picked it up. I could be wrong on the ordering part.

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