November 2020 Meeting Notes

Thank You to Paul and Ghost Brewing Company for hosting our November Club Meeting! Spaced out seating and permitting a safe and clean environment to host our annual board elections, announcements and Iron Brewer Team Challenge made for a very comfortable and easy evening.

Brewmaster, Paul Komsic, thanked the club for attending, was appreciative of the positive feedback for the tasty and unique beers he had on tap and talked about his upcoming beer release and barrel program. 

Thank You to all who attended and participated, especially to the new members and . . . 

  • Kevin McKenna for hauling the club gear
  • ‘The Chairman,’ Ken Dalton, for moderating the Iron Brewer Challenge
  • Martin Scott for collecting raffle tickets
  • Mike Murphy, Peter Muscat, Jason Scott and all those who donated to the club raffle
  • All those who brought donations for the ‘Turkey’s Against Cancer’ event, coordinated by Greg Wright and collected by Kevin McKenna
  • All those who brought bottles for the Holiday Calendar Share
  • And to the Iron Brewer Teams . . . 

IRON BREWER TEAM CHALLENGE | The Chairman mailed mystery ingredients to the homes of random club members in a challenge to brew a beer of any style using all of the mystery items. The emerging teams ended up creating the following beverages which were sampled during this meeting. . . (The Chairman showed no mercy)

  • Wheat Beer with Cranberries, Oats and Bay Leaves
  • Witbier with Raspberries, Lemon and Candied Bacon Jerky
  • Cream Ale with Mint Leaves, Powdered Blueberries and Corn Muffin Mix
  • Rye Porter with Black Peppercorns, Powdered Rosemary and Hostess Apple Pies

Congratulations to Team McKenna|Tovar|Smith for earning the title as the NEW Iron Brewer Team Champions! Finally unseating the reign of Team Dalton|Murphy|Elmore. Homebrewers Kevin McKenna, Gabe Tovar and John Smith took on the mystery ingredient challenge and created a tasty and balanced wheat beer with cranberry, oats and bay leaves. All four teams were within five votes of each other, from first to last, so the competition was very close! Well done everyone!


No new nominations were received for the 2021 HHCBC Board, so the following will start their new terms in December:

President | Bernard R.

Vice President | Ken Dalton

Treasurer | Danielle Malone

Secretary | Peter Tripp

Events & Marketing | Kevin McKenna

Membership | Claudia Chavez

Education | Mike Murphy


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