September Club Meeting at South Shore Craft Brewery

Join us on Tuesday, September 17th, from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM, as we visit South Shore Craft Brewery [3505 Hampton Road, Oceanside, NY]. Club Legends, Nick & Hugh are hosting this special private event, showcasing their journey toward owning their own 7bbl brewery on the South Shore of Nassau County. The Brewery has been featured at craft beer festivals around Long Island with high quality brews for all to enjoy. This Farm Brewery is planning it’s grand opening later this year but the doors will be open to HHCBC for the evening with the brewers.

Schnitz & Gigglez Food Truck will be available starting around 6PM and through the meeting for dinner!

The usual BJCP Feedback table will be Open at 7:15 pm; Raffle items are always welcome! Our meetings are open to anyone 21 and over, interested in craft beer, cider, mead as a brewer or aficionado, so bring a friend!

Plan your safe travels accordingly; Use code HHCBC1 for discount rides through LYFT.

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